Reduce bounce rate of your website or blog

It is very important to reduce bounce rates to a webmaster or blogger for his blog or website, because the reduction of Bounce Rate respectively increase the Avg. time on site. For those who don’t know – ‘Bounce rate’ is something like exit rate. In the website traffic analysis, the ‘Bounce Rate’ represents the percentage of initial visitors to a site who “bounce” away to a different site, rather than continue on to other pages within the same site.


What is Bounce Rate?

According to the search engine giant Google – Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page visits after which the person left your site. This means the person has left the site from the entrance or landing page. The high bounce rate of your site means, the person (visitor) do not find anything interesting to check other content of your website and even your site could not able to grab the first impression from the visitor. And oppositely the low bounce rate means, the site is successfully attracts the visitor to click through to the other content of your website.
So, it is very essential for every webmaster or blogger to keep the bounce rate minimum to take full advantage of your new visitors. Well, I personally believe any number that comes between 40-50% is not too bad at all, however to achieve 0% bounce rate is an impossible thing. But to achieve minimum to minimum bounce rate one should needs – quality content, better navigation, simple user interface etc. Here is some useful tips to reduce Bounce Rate, listed bellow.

How to reduce Bounce Rate?

Website Design:
Design of any website plays an important role in keeping your visitor stay a long time on your blog or website. Which requires proper blend of color, neatness, good layout and proper user interface etc. which able to convince visitors to spent time at least for the pleasant design.

Provide Relevant Content:
Give your visitors what they actually want, while writing a content for blog or website keep your target segment in mind. Provide quality content that is easy to be understand. So that they will find your site useful and spent some more time in your website.

Easy and Proper Navigation:
Every page in your website should have clear and proper navigation to make the user experience your site better. Use clear words for navigation options, otherwise user face difficulties to find the content and loose interest.

Regularly update the content:
Try to update your blog regularly, otherwise it becomes one of the reason for visitors to leave the landing page, because the content is inaccurate or outdated.

Better speed up your page load times:
The loading time is important to having a visitor to stay in your site longer, because if your page will take more time to load, then it will be the chance that the user may disappoint or frustrate and leave the page.

Get rid of Pop-up ads:
Try to avoid using pop-up ads because it annoys the reader. because if your content is worth for reading, that time visitor don’t want any distractions at all. The pop-ups are normally irritates readers.

Reduce external links:
More external links increase the bounce rates though. So, try to reduce the external links so that it will help you to keep the visitors stay and do not allow your users to get diverted to the other site.

Effective headline with relevant content inside:
Writing a effective headline surely increase your click through rate which will in turn helps you to generate interest and stay for longer time on your site. But, don’t forget that your headline match the content inside in your post, otherwise they would no longer stay to your blog.
Hopefully these tips will help you to reduce the bounce rate of your blog or website. Stay tuned with us for more updates link this. You can also contribute your suggestion through comments.


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