10 Google Search Tricks should be known for a better result


The Internet age has already clutched up the speed of it with various ways. You must be quite aware of Google as millions of people are using it every day so that they can solve out any kind of questions or queries as per their needs. There are certain built in tools that the Google carries such as search procedures in order to let you trustworthy answers that too at once. You can take for an example as if you are searching to convert a measurement unit, then you will be getting a quick answer seen at the top of Google search. Discussed below are a set of tricks associated with your Google Search.


Boolean Search Parameters: If you need to lead the art of Google search then you can chase after some of the new ways. You can type for the exact search term such as a file or title name instead of plainly putting any type of question in the Google search box.

Public Data: Google carries the whole of the directory of public data, so that you can get the answers for each of your questions. For an example you can put some keywords like “population” or “unemployment,” ad right after that you can put a state or county.

Easter Eggs: The developers of Google out there have a great sense of humor with the help of which they have developed certain type in such as “do a barrel roll” or “let it snow”. Just watch it out. In addition there are many of the other interesting hidden easter eggs as well that includes Google Gravity, What Is The Loneliest Number?, Where Is Chuck Norris?, Google Pig Latin, Steve Irwin Wrestling With a Crocodile (or is that an Alligator)? and lots more others.

Sports Tracking: Suppose you are on the way but wandering to have a quick check for some of your much loved sports team, and then you can type for the team or league name into the Google search box.

Medication: This will let you to get a brief summary and description for most of the common and brand names of medicine drugs in the U.S. ad you can get it just by typing their names into the search box.

Flight Schedule: The Flight Schedule helps you to check the status on a flight, book for a trip, etc. There are a certain terms that will let you to plan as per that. You need to type the name of the airline and the flight number so that you can check its status. If you need to see schedules of specific locations, then you have to type in “flights from” or “flights to” next to the city or airport.

Sunrise and Sunset: If you are thinking to catch up a sunrise or sunset then you can type “sunrise” or “sunset” just before the name of the city.

Tracking a Package: If there are some of the tracking number with you which is for a FedEx, UPS or USPS package the just type it into the search box and after that you be getting all the quick feeds on the Google as per your needs.

Calculator: In case you need a very fast answer to any of the math problem then you can type the calculation in the Google search box then you get what is needed.

Unit Conversions: If you need to convert any of the measurement units such as how many cms in a meter, etc then you can type for different units of measurement such as height, weight and volume ad Google will get you the answer with the help of its built-in converter. This method can also be used n case of currency conversions.


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