10 Ways to Enhance the Life of Your Laptop


It is obvious that a consumer will of course expect and even desire that his or her laptop should last longer. The life or durability of any electronic device depends on its utility and usage whether it’s a laptop or a mobile or a tablet, etc. It depends on the user, the way he or she uses it and how one takes proper and gentle care of it while using and handling it. However, everyone is not of the same kind and hence some people are very gentle towards their laptops whereas some use it roughly. Laptop users, keep this in mind that the life of your device is solemnly in your hands. There are some conditions and criteria are which will increase the life of your laptop or device if you carefully follow them. These conditions are based on the remarks and experiences of some consumers and laptop users. Well, I am here to give you some tips for the long lasting of your device. Check out the list and discussions followed below.

Protect laptop

Carefully Plug In Your DC Jack

DC Jack

One needs to be careful while plugging in the DC jack or the power adaptor jack. The solder joints which connect the jack to the motherboard may crack if you apply much pressure or force while plugging in the jack. Therefore, you need to patiently push the jack in. One more precaution you must take is that your charger or adaptor should not be the one with a loose jack or a cheap one instead it should be a expensive one with a jack that properly fits into the port. Using a loose jack can cause damage to your adaptor as well as your motherboard too.

Clean the Cooling System with Compressed Air


You need to be careful while cleaning the cooling system which should and must be cleaned by a bottle of compressed air. To do this, you need to open the open the case first and incase if you could not, then call up the manufacturer or follow some help desks to guide you to open the case for proper maintenance. Once you have opened the case, blow and drive away the dust out of the fan and the heat sink in the cooling system. This should be done once in a month as dust gets easily cloaked on the heat sink because laptop heat sinks are very fine. For cleaning, I would like to suggest static-neutral compressed air and Dust-Off as the best preferences.

Do not Use or Place your Laptop on a Bed

dont use in bed

It really sounds silly when it is suggested not to use or place the laptop on a bed but in fact there is a grave reason behind this. The reason is significant because while placing the laptop on a bed or a sofa or any soft surface, the ventilation holes situated at the bottom of the laptop are blocked and hence not enabling the laptop to suck in air. It is very much necessary for the laptop to suck in air so that it cools the internal parts and keeps the device cool driving out all the heat. Now, where to place the laptop? –Place it on a hard surface such as a computer mat or a table which will provide enough space between the surface and the bottom of the laptop so that air ventilation is easily acquired. Moreover, the best way to use a laptop is by placing it on your lap and this is what most people probably do.

Consider Using a Cooling Pad

cooling pad

Laptop is an electronic device and gets heated like other electronic devices but it’s over heating should be avoided and one needs to be careful about this while the device is in use. Keep mind, the life of your laptop depends on the temperature of your laptop while it in use which confides that, lower the temperature of the laptop; the higher is its durability. Precaution is better than cure. Hence, prevent your laptop from overheating by using a Cooling Pad which lessens the chance of laptop failure, caused due to overheating.

Download and Use CCleaner


CCleaner for Mac and PC is the best tool for cleaning and protecting your laptop. It is a freeware system privacy tool for optimization which deletes Internet history and other idle files making your laptop run faster. It cleans up the system and allows Windows to run faster by emptying up the necessary hard disk space. This particular tool is available at various versions and is available freely for download.

Do not Drink while Using the Laptop

dont drink

Beware of drinks while using your laptop and avoid drinking near it because you may accidentally spill your drink over your laptop or on the keyboard. Moreover, this depends on the user’s personal carefulness and if you believe yourself of not spilling the drink, then you can of course drink near it. This way, if you electrocute or spoil the internal parts of your device, then you may have to undergo a replacement of a couple hundred dollars. Therefore, I personally would like to suggest you not to take unnecessary risks and better not to drink near your laptop.

Manage Your Battery Life

manage battery life

You should seldom drain the battery of your laptop and make sure that it should be drained completely for at least once a month. The laptop should be charged when the battery has reached a minimum level of charge to prevent the reduction of battery life.

Install an Anti-Virus Software

anti virus software

Anti-virus software is a must as malicious viruses may infect and spoil your system. These are available in large numbers and many are popular and well known to many computer users. Some are available for free downloads and some are updated regularly and some are just awesome in their functionalities. For you, I personally would like to recommend some of the free Antivirus software such as Microsoft Essentials, Malwarebytes, Spybot, Avast and AVG Free.

Download the Available Windows Updates

windows update

You need to update your Windows or Operating System for at least once in a week to prevent your system from malfunctions and infections by viruses. Often, Microsoft releases updates to its operating systems and allows its users to have the proper updates on a daily basis. In Windows 7, you just need to click on “Start” and then type “Windows Update”; a list of result is displayed. Now, click on the first result to be taken by the Windows Updater which follows the update thereby.

Clean Your Display Screen Properly

clean screen

The display or the screen should be cleaned properly and this can be done almost every day so that your device looks neat and clean along with a clear view of your display. Cleaning procedure should be carried out by two separate tissues, one being a dry one and the other one dipped in water. Firstly, clean the screen with the wet one to wipe away all the dust and dirt. Then clean it gently with the dry tissue so that it soaks all the water droplets giving a clear view of your screen. It would be better if you would prefer using the approved and recommended LCD cleaners that make your screen shiny and scratch free.

The above discussed tips for the long lasting of laptops are the best ten ways which secure your laptops and increase their life. These top ten ways are based on the remarks and experiences of some consumers and laptop users. Some of these tips are popular and well known to people around the world where as some are rarely known to most people. Hence, you need to go through these discussions to grab a detailed information and better preference of software and tools. Well, hope you would like this piece of article and do convey your feedback.


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