How to Setup your own Proxy Website

Proxy websites are the most integral part of the internet world. These proxy sites use proxy servers and can bypass the firewall restrictions. You can use the proxy websites to access the web pages which network normally won’t allow seeing them. These proxy websites also help you to access websites that are banned by your ISP or network administrator. But, many people complain that webproxys are not working at their works / schools computer. It’s not that hard to create your own proxy website. Check in some easy instructions to set up proxy sites.


Setup your own Proxy Website

1)First search for the host that allows you to set up proxy websites. Most of the hosting providers don’t allow proxy browsing since it consumes much bandwidth which can overload the servers. So, choose a perfect host which allows hosting of your proxy browser. You can go for good hosting providers including,,,,,,,,,, etc.

2)Choose a domain that will let you know about the site which will let you know about the site which could be proxy. After choosing the domain, update the nameservers address at the domain provider to point at the chosen host. It would be pointed to the domain provider servers, by default. Nameservers updation could take up to maximum of 24 hours but it’s generally done within 15 minutes.

3) Now you need to obtain the script. Here you can choose from the free one or go for paid customized one. You can get the free one at PHProxy.

4)Now configure the hosting account for the perfect functions of the websites.  Create a MySQL database at the back-end of your website from CPanel. This MySQL database will be used by PHProxy script. In order to complete the process, you need to remember the MySQL database name, username and password.

5)The downloaded script contains config.php. You should update config.php file in order to point to your domain and hosting server. You can edit the file in Notepad and you need to edit the following details:

  • Website Name
  • Website Address
  • Database Name
  • Database User Name
  • Database Password

6) You can use a FTP program or upload the script directly through CPanel to your hosting account. You can use FileZilla FTP or CuteFTP for FTP upload. That’s it, now you are done.

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