Angry Birds are now in Space [QR code]

Angry Bird is back as a space game and of course there are green pigs to fight with. Now fly with Angry Bird into the outer space, don’t think that it enough space to avoid the pigs rather it has confined space. Actually the game move around birds and pigs as usual. Rovio has this time brought three chapters, ‘Pig Bang’, ‘Cold Cuts’, and ‘Eggsteroids’ and the giant claw kidnaps their eggs. The birds found themselves floating in the new galaxy which is strange to them. All the angry bird characters are in new getup looking like Hollywood stars.

The game design is excellent and the big talk is on gravity which was used in previous Angry Bird games. However, in the space the gravity lets its hair down. The levels in the new space game occupy the small planets with their individual gravity. Using their gravity make your birds fly into the orbit of the planet and have it circle around to the back to aim space pigs. Or adjust the route to some extent. Not to worry because there is a guide available to make you know about the gravity and shot the birds on pigs throughout the series.

There are 60 interstellar levels with regular free updates and keep the update automatic on your Android device. As I said earlier the birds have changed their getup and now have superpowers that will make you easy to beat the pigs, but yet difficult due to zero gravity. The space adventure is awesome because you can enjoy the tricky shots using the gravity of the planet and collecting the hidden bonus. The developer had added route indicators as dotted lines to show the path to angry birds and target the pigs better. I loved the space environment and you will like it too. So, check out the screenshots and video to meet your adventure thirst. You can download the game by scanning the QR code or from the Google playwhich will take around 23 MB space.

    angry bird space 2
angry bird space 3    angry bird space 4
angry bird space 5   qr code for angry bird space

The FIRST ever game announcement and gameplay footage from space: Brought to you by NASA and Don Pettit from the ISS.


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