How Computer Data Centers Look Like?

Have you ever seen a computer data center? Well, these places are highly guarded and they don’t allow outsiders to peek into their highly maintained systems. Computer data centers look like any organized library as the system infrastructures are serially placed in racks, proper gap is maintained between racks without any mess. If you have never witnessed a data center from inside, here are few data center images. These images have been taken from inside the data center (not by me though).

computerdatacenter1      computerdatacenter2
computerdatacenter3      computerdatacenter4
computerdatacenter5      computerdatacenter6
computerdatacenter7      computerdatacenter14
computerdatacenter9      computerdatacenter10
computerdatacenter11      computerdatacenter12
computerdatacenter13      computerdatacenter15

Well, if you are still wondering about data center, have a look on this Wiki entry.

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