5 Robots Regulated by Android [video]

Keeping a robot in home is every kid and of course youngster’s dream. I love it and you might have too. I wonder that how will you react when you come to know about few robots regulated by Android? It was pretty interesting for me when I saw the videos of 5 different robots controlled by Android in Slash gear. Technology is blooming and it’s everyone’s need. Without it we would have never stood where we are now and we see ourselves in different world full of gizmos & gadgets around us solving and helping out in our routine life. Technologies are boon as well as ban and please be optimistic and take tech as a boon. Without wasting your time let’s see the incredible robots which are curbed by Android via a Bluetooth and imagine blockbuster Hollywood movie, ‘Terminator’ or ‘WallE’.

5 android controlled robots

Hexapod Robot

This is android curbed Hexapod Robot which has six legs and controlled by a HTC Hero and it can also be curbed by iPhone. The connection is through Bluetooth and its little wired look like a spider is crawling on your carpet. Jokes apart, and enjoy the video of this freaky robot.

Mindstorm NXT Robot

As android is rapidly sacking many users and yes its happening because of its flexibility and open source too. No doubt that in future many other gadgets are gonna run on Android and hoping to see an artificial intelligence built android robot helping me out in my home. Do you remember Lego toys? These childhood devices are now with android curb via Bluetooth. Have you seen this anywhere? Then see the video below.

Android Plen

In this video below you can see a little robot doing fun and it was popular in Japan and it seems that Android is burning up over there as well.  It has been estimated that around 50 Android regulated robots were made already and they were price tagged with $3000. Can you afford it? Oh! Think not, but enjoy the fun on video.

Robot curbed by 3 Android

It is bit overdone. There in this video we can see three phones such as Droid, Nexus One, HTC G1 are used to control the robot. It also includes two Google accounts to stuff all the possible need to work the robot. It’s a fun to watch.

Toy car curb by Nexus One

Through iPhone there are few RC cars and if it is possible through Apple then why not through Android? So the video below will show you the robotic car is been controlled by Android Nexus One via Bluetooth. Isn’t it fun! I got my childhood memories back where I used to control my toy car with a joystick.

Which robot action was awesome according to you? Which is your favorite, just reply us through comments.


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