How to Use an Android Device to Control another Android via Bluetooth

Android is getting so popular and tons of apps in the Android Market are getting published every month. Apps are the part and parcel of Android devices and you must be agreeing with me on this. Among all these ample apps, have you ever tried to get an app that will serve as a remote control to manage your entire multimedia system through tablet? Yes, you can do so by using tablet remote app, which is an application that might be confusing for the first time, but after installing the app it will show its true colors.

use android device to control another android via bluetooth

The app we were talking about is totally based on Bluetooth that to communicate the associated Android device which gonna control the whole system. It has distinctive, remarkable functions and if you are maneuver about apps capabilities, then you must find out more about it through our lexis in this article.

The tablet and a Smartphone is need in this modus operandi of controlling remotely. Tablet Remote uses Bluetooth to enable two Android devices to be controlled remotely. And we know that Bluetooth is the shortest distance communication setup between two Bluetooth enabled devices. So, the tablet remote app can be used within the signal radius, hence keep this in mind. Tablet Remote app is the best ever app used to remotely control the home entertainment setup. All this setup will be possible if you have a HDTV and the tablet is connected with it through HDMI. The tablet serves as your media player. Isn’t great? The app plays the main role and its icing on the cake when you have a second Android device to use it as a remote control for managing your other device.

Go through the steps below to use the app and get the job done with it.

How an Android device controls another Android via Bluetooth:

Step 1: First you need to install ‘Tablet Remote’ app from the QR scan below.

Step 2:You must install the app on both the Android devices.

Step 3:Remember your tablet that is connected to your HDTV will serve as the receiver and other will be the controller.

Step 4: The most important job is to configure the receiver device by setting up the ‘Tablet remote’app, where you need to enable two things, first is ‘Enable tablet remote in the settings’ and second is ‘Change the input method for tablet remote’.

Step 5: Now pair the devices through Bluetooth. How can you do that? To do this you need to open the connection screen in tablet remote. There you must tap on ‘Make device discoverable’ because it will help to scan the device faster and after that tap on ‘Scan devices’. Check that both the device’s Bluetooth is ON otherwise you can’t set connection between two devices.

Step 6:You will find out the list of scanned device that the Bluetooth had detected. Select the device from the list and tap on the confirmation message when it appears on the device. Just go according to the onscreen instructions given to pair the two devices.

Step 7:Now the two devices are paired and ready to control the receiver device by tapping the Remote button on the controller device. After doing so you will be able to control the playback buttons as a remote control.

Start using your Android tablet and Smartphone accordingly.

qr code tablet remote app


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