Top 5 Anti-virus for Android


The field of technology these days is very much inclined towards the mobile phone market, with many new mobile brands being launched, and the already established ones introducing better functional smartphones which are capable of performing various human activities.

Why the need for Anti-virus on your mobile phone?

Versatility and diversity is being provided by the cell phone companies, but with these highly functional gadgets, we need to be very responsible with the information we carry with it. Mobile phones and tablets have started replacing many electronic gadgets these days, and in the near future we expect financial information also to be stored in them. To secure important data one needs n Anti-virus on his phone. If you have an Android phone, the top 5 anti-virus for Android phones are listed below.

Android antivirus apps

ESET Mobile Security

This anti-virus is famous for the Symbian and Windows enabled mobile phones, but it has also released a version for Android which has been successful to impress the Android enabled phone users, thus making its way to the top 5 anti-virus for Android list. The anti-virus engine of ESET is combined with antispam and antitheft which are very efficient in providing protection in real time for all the threats which an Android phone may face. The battery life and performance preserving aspect of the ESET mobile security is a plus point to have.

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9

This version is one of the latest launches by Kaspersky for mobile device security, available for the Android users also. It supports Android operating system 1.6 to 2.3 version. Because of the various privacy protection benefits, antitheft facilities and many other security benefits, it has made its way up to the top 5 anti-virus for Android phones.

McAfee Mobile Security

This anti-virus is well-known to serve the business enterprises the best with its “McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management”. A company can have the mobile devices of their employees secured and also offer them the access to the corporate applications on their mobile devices. This mobile security is being used extensively in the corporate world because of its unique security solutions designed for the corporate world.

Norton Smartphone Security

The key technologies which have enabled this anti-virus software to be among the top 5 anti-virus for Android are:

  • SMS Antispam: Blocking messages from an unknown sender
  • Antivirus protection
  • Firewall

Norton has other features and benefits which provide total security to the mobile devices and ensure that no worms, virus or even spyware remains among the various files, applications and file archives in the mobile phone.

Bitdefender Mobile Security

This mobile anti-virus software can only be used by the Android users only at present. It is not found to be supporting any other operating system. This software is obtainable in the Android market free of cost at present. It used to be a paid service but is offered for free at present; which could change anytime. Its special features exclusive for Android phones enables it to be a part of the top 5 anti-virus for Android list.


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