Wikipedia App Released in Android Market

Wikipedia, the name is sufficient to describe what it can do for us. We had really missed Wikipedia App in Android and now our quest is finished because Wikimedia Foundation had officially released Wikipedia app for Android a week ago. It has just put its baby steps into the market and hope it will show its maturity in time with new modifications, features and customization. This encyclopedia contains more than 20 million articles in 280 languages. Isn’t it amazing!

wikipedia for android

The Wikipedia is the most widespread app and widely used reference and we use it every day to clear our doubt on any topic from nature, books, gadgets, celebrities etc. It’s interesting to know that Wikipedia receives 2.7 billion monthly page views from the US alone. Wikipedia was launched in January 2001 and now in 2012 we got an app of it for our Android device. Such a long time to wait but at last we got our sweet fruit. Few days back Wikipedia went to Blackout for a day for protest and after a day they were back with the message.

‘Thank you for protecting Wikipedia. We’re not done yet.’

And you click on the message then it leads individuals to another message that was:

Your voice was loud and strong. Millions of people have spoken in defense of a free and open internet.’

Features available in this newly launched Wikipedia App:

  1. Search full screen in your Android Smartphone/ Tablet.
  2. Supports 280 languages, so read article in your own language.
  3. Search articles nearby.
  4. Check the history.
  5. You can save articles to read later, means in offline.
  6. View the saved pages in offline.
  7. Share articles using Android ‘Share’ function.
  8. You can share page using verity options.
  9. There is a ‘Forward’ option but it’s not working properly.
  10. You can select any text by clicking on the ‘select text’.
  11. In setting you can only find the language setting for Wikipedia will be seen.
  12. In ‘About’ page it will show the official copyright page.

Wikipedia is indisputably best app you can have in your Android device for reference and research. The information is more accessible to anyone with Smartphone/tablet and an internet connection is must. The app is in its current 1.0 version and it requires Android 2.2 and higher version to get download. Already 5 stars have been given and you can see the popularity of this app and already 50, 000 users had installed in their device and it’s your turn, so scan the QR code given below. All the screen shots are given below.

Wikipedia install      wikipedia near bywikipedia search      wikipedia history
wikipedia fullpage search       wikipedia language
wikipedia option      wikipedia share
wikipedia select text      wikipedia settings
wikipedia about qr code for wikipedia wikipedia for android

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