WordPress v2.0.1 Now Available for Android [Video]

As we all knew that WordPress is a free open source tool for bogging where you can write new posts, edit content, and manage comments on your WordPress blog. This blogging contrivance had doomed other tools like Joomla, Drupal, Concrete5 and many more and in present it is competing with BlogSpot which is one of my favorite open source tools for blogging. WordPress had been offering its capabilities to iOS, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Phone 7 and webOS but now Android is also been stacked too. In Android you can write new posts in .com or in .org which is a self-hosted and manages all comments with built-in notifications. The mobile app is awesome that covers almost all the authors you want to do on phone with user friendly interface layout which of course reasonable.

Now in Android Market you can get the newest version of WordPress 2.0.1 with few changes done to spread smiles on all bloggers blogging through mobile portable Android devices. The improvements are meant to be dragged into the apps because to go with the desktop WordPress Tool. We can see that the consistent editing function of iOS under the formatting toolbar and then such as the upload function and other details of the repair. The original tool in iOS of version 2.9.3 looks good with smooth editing and managing blog but now the newest version of Android which is totally different featuring the posh toolbar and icon design has raised the standards. We believe that it will go on surprising us with classy open source benchmarks.

wordpress android 1

The v2.0.1 has featured new UI with action bar and background screen where all the operating functions are placed in the same place, when logged in through the app in your portable device you can see the background management interface. It offers the way in to touch a button typically used with the management functions like creating fresh article or sight statistics. You can able to view how many have been verified comments in the statistics and in this new version fast camera and its keys have been added to quickly turn on your camera so you can shoot instantly and place upload that photo in your WordPress and publish. Through the action bar the users can toggle the blogs and update from the current page or hop straight to the admin page.

The story editor has also been improved to allow you to edit the articles easily and conveniently. You can format the toolbar and add content, links too above the keyboard. In addition to this you can also add the desired media files, edit the titles and the location & image size. In the full-screen mode you can edit so that you can see the editing log of the contents clearly.

wordpress android tablet

Not only the Smartphone users can take the privilege of WordPress as the tablet users are allowed officially to install the app and start editing their articles through WordPress in the big screen and it is portable too to use anywhere anytime.  In the tablet you can browse articles, pages, comments and scroll the list on the right side that shows the details of the currently selected items. It will work wonderful in KindleFire, Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 easily. If you have any of one of these tablets then start using this open source WordPress easily publish it and feel free to edit anytime.

WordPress v2.0.1 for Android Updated List:

  1. New Button has been added to the dashboard for self-hosted blogs.
  2. Geo-tagging and self-hosted stats are fixed.
  3. QuickPress shortcuts and dependability has been improved.
  4. Before we had to face some problems to remove post password which are now fixed with sharing images from other apps to WordPress has been fixed.
  5. In landscape mode the formatting bar can be seen. WordPress for Android supports both WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress (3.0 or higher) blogs.

If you are already using the WordPress App then you must update it to take the privilege of using the latest updated version or if you haven’t used this app then scan the QR code below to get the direct link to Android Market. Before that gaze through the video below to know more about it and then a QR scan waiting to be scanned.

qr code wordpress 2.0.1 android


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