Experience Millions of Videos and Personalize on Dailymotion Video Streaming App for Android Devices

It is well known to all web users that YouTube has one of the widest networks in terms of video gallery. But if we talk about Dailymotion, you will be astonished with the statistics they have moved into and that now they have transformed all the great video watching experience into an android app so that now you can go on with your entertainment with daily motion videos on your android smart phones.

The new Daily motion app permits user to make a permanent account and to modify the dashboard to make a collective mixes of all their videos and channels much easily. The Daily motion app allows playing selected videos back to back like a playlist and easily tune to channels because this new feature will help in play selected videos more or less their priority the one selects which means that once a selected video finishes.

dailymotion video stream app

With the playback another related video or the video on the channel loop will automatically begin as this function enhances the uninterrupted streaming video service. This is the reason for many users who have found their fun it discovering this amazing app with the help of android market that comes with the source of getting this through free download. Therefore log in to android market and make blaze your way to stand against YouTube experience with all the redefined features.

  • The app has customized dashboard that has few swipes, edition modes for compiling songs, customize home screen that supports direct access to top channels, topics, content providers and single videos.
  • Here you can search all users, groups, videos and playlist in universal search that is provided with accurate search results.
  • The player has accelerometer that enhances the video and allows viewing vertically and horizontally and also has the ability to skip through videos while ensuring continues play.
  • There is a sharing option and can view video info by taping on the current video and comment while viewing the video.
Updatation in DailyMotion app:
  1. It has been updated to version 2.0.1.
  2. ‘No Internet Connection’ bug has been fixed.
  3. It’s completely different app where you can experience the immersive player, access your playlist, favorite users, and channels and add items to dashboard.
  4. Customize dashboard, new UI, universal search and follow users, playlist and more.

This is the leading app and has over 114 million visitors all over the world. You must download the video app and get fast and easy to use online services that automatically filter the infringing materials as notified by the content owner. Download the QR code to get the best possible entertainment experience.

qr code for dailymotion video stream app

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