Get Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard on Phone without Rooting

Here is treat for all android lovers  who are anxiously waiting for ICS and it’s an advance Christmas gift which has slipped out for the Android user. The diclinous Ice cream sandwich keyboard will be yours without any rooting. With this you will get rid of voice dictation means no live voice-to-text function this time which was impressed by the Google’s annocement, though there are options related to the microphone button in the keyboard’s settings. The keyboard looks pretty much like the Gingerbread’s keyboard and it is only compatible with phones only. If you try to work out with tablet than I’m afraid it will work hazily with bugs in it, so just keep limited to Gingerbread phones only.

ice cream sandwich keyboard no rooting

The keyboard is not the official one by Google but fret not! Till now no bugs have been found and no threats too but you must be aware of the risk.  We are not responsible for the mishap or data loss. You might be wondering what exactly it does and here you slightly get enhanced prediction/correction functions which not only look at the words you are typing but also predicts the words that will be suitable for the word you are writing means those words around it as well. Additionally, users can long-press a word suggestion to decide from a stack of other possibilities. It pretty amazing that it also suggest the names from the contact list if you are writing or you are talking about the specific person. Isn’t it great?

Don’t worry about the keyboards security and extract the apk’s manifest revealing the following permissions:










Not anymore turning you around hereis the apk. Just install it and activate from the settings and set it as your input method and reply us if you loved it or not.

[via reddit]

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