Is the Gideon Sundback Google doodle Firefox unfriendly?


If you are a Firefox user, you might not be allowed to play with the new, interactive zipper Google doodle. This is because the new zipper Google doodle does not seem to be fully compatible with the Firefox browser.

To mark the 132nd birth anniversary of Gideon Sundback, Google posted an interactive doodle on the home page that features a giant zipper running down the centre of the global search engine’s home page. And if you drag your mouse down to unzip the zipper, it will split the screen, including the search textbox and reveal the relevant results for the name Gideon Sundback.

But some of the Firefox users have reported that on unzipping, the page turns white and no search results appear. They have claimed that on unzipping the home page on the Firefox browser, they are provided with nothing but a blank page, while some users are facing the same error on the page.

Is the Gideon Sundback Google doodle Firefox unfriendly?

However, the error is intermittent and seems to affect only Firefox users.

We checked the same issue on other browsers including Google’s own Chrome, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari, and it seemed to work fine on them.

Google is believed to use advanced JavaScript and HTML5 elements for many of its fun and interactive doodles, but some of the code isn’t always compatible on all modern Web browsers.

Google has been pushing its Chrome Web browser in a big way, including advertisements in the mainstream media and outdoor hoardings. Advertising approaches that we do not usually associate with Google. Chrome is now the most serious contender to Internet Explorer in the battle of the browsers.


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