Run Galaxy Nexus on Desktop

If you owe a Galaxy Nexus and a desktop then it’s a good opportunity to establish Galaxy Nexus user interface running on your desktop screen. We had earlier taught you the guidelines to make Ubuntu appear like Android 4.0 ICS. If you haven’t tried that then read the article. Anyways we are here for other purpose to swap Smartphone to desktop. Yes, you are thinking right as we know that the Smartphone world is getting influential these days. Our desktops/monitors are coming in HD quality and if you have HD monitor than its wonder to go through the guide stated below.

galaxy nexus running on desktop

We have used Galaxy Nexus because it readily comes with HDMI port where we can connect with large screen to view large images. There are other devices available but the OS, the UI used in Galaxy Nexus is the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which tends to be eye catchy. It is an experiment that has been worked out for all tech-lovers. Nevertheless, let’s jump over the set up procedures to replace old desktop with new Galaxy Nexus.


  1. Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  2. Computer with wireless Bluetooth mouse and keyboard
  3. Mini HDMI to HDMI cable (like Galaxy Nexus & S II) OR MHL to HDMI port with extra HDMI cable (used over here)

Step 1:Simple connect your device to monitor through one of the two cables as mentioned in the requirement. Magically the device and monitor both will identify each other and connection is established.

Step 2:Connect your device to a monitor using the MHL adaptor to prevent battery drain, if the mouse and the keyboard is attached to it. It is perfectly fine if you are using miniHDMI cable, but AC charger is needed in this case.

Step 3: Using wireless keyboard and mouse is preferable because the Ice cream sandwich running Galaxy Nexus supports the external Bluetooth based devices. Make sure that both the devices are discoverable and then navigate through settings-> Wireless & Networks->Bluetooth settings and then tap on Find nearby device.As soon as the Smartphone will scan and get the wireless keyboard and mouse. After connection it will take input from it.

Walla! Now you can have Galaxy Nexus technically in your desktop and the video below will demonstrate you how the normal desktop is implemented with new Galaxy Nexus. As we know the quality of Galaxy Nexus display is 720p and when the output is in 1080p, the quality of image will decline. It is not worth while until Ubuntu for Android has stolen the many hearts, but it was just for fun and you can experiment to test your talent to discover new tweaks out from it. If you find it then don’t forget to share with us through comments.


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