World of Goo App by 2D Boy Now Available in Android

The popular game by 2D Boys, World of Goo has travelled through iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, & Wii and now ready to construct balls of goo to build structures, bridges and whatever you like to finish this game. Its looks pretty on Android device. The game can be installed by paying few bucks and you must play this game which is full entertaining puzzle game in Android platform.

world of goo

You might be curious what’s there in this game. This world of goo game has many mysterious levels and each of them are beautiful at the same time surprising as millions of goo balls are spitted to make bridges to reach the destination. You will discover unique goo balls with awesome abilities that come together to drip through reluctant tales of discovery, love, conspiracy, beauty, electric power, and the third dimension.

Scan the QR code below to get this app instantly on your device by paying $2.99. A demo of World of Goo is available which takes 28MB free space for free to install and requires 2.2 and higher Android version. If you are installing the full version then you need 47MB free space to get installed in your device.

Gaze through the video to know more about the World of Goo game app before downloading it.

Hope you enjoy this award winning app game in your Android device and comment us about it.

qr code for world of goo


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