5 Reasons Where Android Wins Over iPhone

I have gone through Android phones as well as iPhone from where I came into conclusion that Android wins the battle against iPhone. I’ve described few points that might be little controversial. Nevertheless, I want to enlighten rather than unspoken to itemize. So now, let’s talk about various points that will illustrate the wining tale of Android over iPhone.

5-reasons where android wins over iPhone

  1. Application Options– In the Android platform, even if the application is still running programs, you can just press the “Menu” button to enter the application options, and the PC applications operate exactly the same. On the other hand, using the iPhone, you have to first pass the “Settings” option to enter the application. When the iPhone application within the application designer to add the “Options” button, occasionally you can skip this step, which in turn can direct to non-uniform, because not all applications have options.
  2. Devoid of iTunes– As we all knew without iTunes the iPhone can’t be synchronized with PC. This is the biggest fault of iPhone. Apple force you to install the software to fully manage your iPhone. Where in Android platform you can manage applications without any sync software. In fact, one of the Android device can be used by multiple applications on multiple platforms and management.
  3. Update– Update in iPhone is a flaw because to complete the update particularly in the firmware update , iPhone must hook up iTunes. Were as Android provides two update methods. One is OTA wireless download and other by installing the phone via PC using third-party software updates. Most of the software are very easy to use in Android. Here in Android OTA update is perfect. When informed of updates have been released, while the phone is still not displayed, it makes you disappointment. But usually talking, vendors release updated, your phone will display updated and ready to install.
  4. Application Installation– In Android you can download an app by coping the simple qr code or even install the app from Bluetooth. From Android Market you can download from wide-range of apps , more than 30,000 apps. All most all are official apps and are simple to use. Developers create apps for you but few people argue that these apps can open doors to malicious softwares in Android. You can operate it properly to avoid this mishap.
  5. Multitasking– Of course Android platform can actually carry out multiple tasks. Yes, Apple avers iPhone can do, but according to users the iPhone platform can be challenged for the actual operation. In Android phones you need to do is press the “Home” button, the list will show the running application. In the list, you can liberally switch between applications and you can even install third-party Android application such as Power Strip for the execution of extra powerful multi-tasking.

There were a lot of grounds I think Android is superior than iphone, but these five are the most significant. Without a doubt, iPhones in many ways are fairly good, but for those with more liberty to have the benefit of the gear to bring a sense of real people and Android is indubitably a good pick.

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