Android Phone Vs Apple iPhone


There are many new phones available in market but Android and Apple iPhone has taken over the mobile market. They just are going on updating their technology and presenting in the market. In this race of mobiles, people get confused and bring home a useless phone which is not the right phone to show off. Don’t go with the looks and luster of the phone. It is my very most request to the entire dude’s out there that go deep into the technology and compare the gadget with their performance. iPhone has entered the market with a banging versatility 3 years ago but Google Android OS hit next after iPhone. Both were okay with their sales but you get confused which one to buy. So below are certain points where you will get 100% cleared to go with whom- ‘Android or Apple’.

android vs iphone

Follow these points before you buy a phone for yourself. I must say Android would be best for you.

Advantage of buying Android are-

  1. You will get wide range of Android phones in the market such as Samsung Galaxy, Sony Ericsson, HTC etc. but iPhone is one of a kind, you won’t get another brand.
  2. With wide range of Android phones you get every range in price too but iPhone will cost you the same price.
  3. Removing battery from Android phone is a simple job but this can’t happen in Apple iPhones. You can’t take it off.
  4. The favorite part is that you love to install applications on your phone (if not might have seen anywhere else) and Android provides you more than 1,00,000 applications but Apple approves its own application on iPhone and are very few that you might not like it.
  5. Android phones have flash player support but not in iPhone.
  6. GPS is not free in iPhones but most of the Android phones have free GPS.
  7. You can download free music from Android but iPhone doesn’t allow you because you have to pay few dollars to make music library full. Yes, you don’t get refund for paid apps in iTunes.
  8. Android doesn’t need software to sync with your computer but iPhone needs iTunes to manage all your data through computer.
  9. Taking pictures through Android camera have a hell n haven difference that with iPhone. Oh yes you don’t get flash in iPhone.
  10. OMG!! No Bluetooth transfer through iPhone.
  11. iPhone 4 has hideous antenna problem but you won’t find trouble in Android antennas.
  12. Customization through Android phones is easy. You can customize your wallpapers, background according to your wish but you can do this in iPhones and even there is no ring back tone.
  13. If in any means you lost or destroyed your Android USB then you can use the standard one to get work done but in Apple you have to have its own USB.

This was my opinion about two OS’s, now you have a better option which to buy. Go and chose any of the Android phones sold in market. Choose from HTC, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Dell, Motorola, Acer, Olive, LG, Spice, Videocon, Micromax etc.


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