provides Extra Storage Space on your Android Phone


These days there are loads of useful and cool apps available for Android phone. It is obvious that the demand for storage space is increasing, even it doesn’t matter if you have 64GB of storage space in your Android phone. Unlike the physical memory card that you use, you can use a cloud storage service to increase the storage space on your Android. In this article I’ll let you know how to gain extra storage space on your Android phone by using

image has been developed by a cloud based storage company. It’s a no-frill app with simple interface. This app is just a simple implementation of its web interface. Once you’ve logged in, you can access or upload files to your web folder. You are allowed to create media content from within the app. To do this, click “Menu -> Create” and then create either audio, video, or image file. The free version of this app offers 5GB of storage space.

  • View and share files on-the-go.
  • Find files fast with built-in search.
  • Browse through files and folders.
  • Upload files from your phone to Box.
  • Supports devices with Android OS 2.0 and above.




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