Android Jelly Bean: What we expect to see


We’ve managed to fully digest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, even if some manufacturers haven’t, and therefore we’re tuning our taste buds ready for Android Jelly Bean.

The Jelly Bean name looks pretty much certain to be the fancy brand for Android 5.0, but apart from this, details on the next generation Google mobile operating system are few and far between.

This hasn’t stopped speculation on what Android Jelly Bean may bring and we’ve pulled together some of the more likely suggestions for you to mull over.

Android Jelly Bean: Key Features

We’ve recently seen Google release its Chrome internet browser app for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich.

We expect to see Chrome become the default browser for Android when Jelly Bean rocks up, offering us the slick tabbed web surfing experience we’ve grown accustomed to on our computers.

As enormous screens start to keep onto more and more phones, it’d be nice to be able to flip it into landscape mode and use it like a tablet – especially as Android 5.0 will be designed to run on phones and tablets, like its predecessor.

With dual-core and quad-core processors now ruling the roost when it comes to mobile power we expect Android Jelly Bean to optimize these super quick chips and provide a fluid and speedy experience.

More power means more demand on the battery and Android 5.0 will need to make sure it works in the most efficient way possible, providing us with maximum battery life when we’re hammering high-def, 3D games.

An improved power management suite would also be useful and Google may take a leaf out of HTC’s book, which integrates power management features into its Sense UI.

We could see a “lite” version of Android Jelly Bean which is optimized to run on budget devices and which will allow manufacturers to offer super-cheap smartphones. Microsoft is already sowing the seeds with its Windows Phone Tango OS and we won’t be surprised if Google follows suit.

If you’re an HTC user you’ll be familiar with lock screen widgets and this feature could be made a permanent option with Android Jelly Bean, bringing widgets to every manufacturer’s lock screen.

Android phone manufactures have got user’s backs up recently over the slow deployment of Ice Cream Sandwich to their current handsets. When Android Jelly Bean rolls onto the screen we hope it brings a clear upgrade plan with it, with users knowing exactly where they stand and how long they will have to wait.

As we churn more and more files onto our devices, it becomes increasingly tricky to keep track of everything. Some manufactures offer file managers as part of their user interfaces, but Android currently lacks its own dedicated file manager, something Android 5.0 can hopefully solve.

Android Jelly Bean: Manufacturer commitments

LG told that it guarantees an update to Android Jelly Bean for all of its 2012 handsets which are able to support version 5.0 of the popular operating system.

Asus has made it clear that it wants to be the first company to offer devices running Android 5.0, after leading the way with Android Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich updates.

Android Jelly Bean: Release Date

Some rather optimistic rumors have suggested that we could see Android Jelly Bean make its way onto handsets as early as Q3 this year, but we find this highly unlikely as we’ve only just seen the first wave of Ice Cream Sandwich devices launched.

There’s also some slight more believable speculation that Android Jelly Bean will arrive towards the end of this year as Google looks to continue with its annual roll-out of software updates.

Google has said that it will be flexible with the Android Jelly Bean release date and it might differ from previous releases depending on how long it takes to finish the update.

Android Jelly Bean: Successor

Ok, so we’re definitely getting ahead of ourselves here, but it looks like the next version of Google’s mobile OS (Android 6.0?) will be known as Android Key Lime Pie.

Grab yourself a spoon as we could be digging in sometime during 2013 – but nobody cares about the future of technology, right? Oh, wait…


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