Enable 720p HD Video Recording in Nexus One


Google Nexus One has been hacked to record HD videos (720p) and this hack has been achieved by one member of XDA-Developers Forums. Nexus One is one of the most popular Android phones and many Android users still use this samrtphone as their base phone. This HD video recording capability will surely attract more sells in coming days, iPhone 4 may suffer a bit now.

Nexus One

A XDA-Developers Forums member has managed to enable 720p video recording in high definition on this smartphone. Few were underestimating the Nexus One hardware, but the same hardware is quite capable of performing 720p video recording.

This hack works on Android 2.1 and not on Android 2.2 Froyo OS. But it won’t take much time to enable 720p video recording on Nexus One that’s running on Android Froyo OS.

The instructions as posted by the hackers are follows:

Requirements- CM5.0.8test3
Will make one for froyo when i get time. Sometime later tonigh
U need the new froyo radio

Here u go

Flash as update.zip


Will release froyo later

IT will currently work with intersect kernel and the kernel i gave already has pershoots modifications.
I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone


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