Google doodle marks Keith Haring’s birth anniversary today

Google Doodle

Google has put up a new doodle today as a mark of respect to artist cum social activist Keith Haring on his birth anniversary.

google doodle 5-4-12

Haring was born in Pennsylvania on May 4, 1958. From an early age he developed a keen interest in art, and later shot to fame with his chalk drawings in the subways of New York.
Most painters and artists have their own signature style and Haring was no different. His signature style comprised of bold lines, vivid colors, and active figures that sent across strong messages of life and unity.
His most notable work is that of ‘The Radiant Baby’, which later also became his symbol. After his death, a musical of the same name was also created in his memory.
Apart from being a painter, he was also a social activist. He established the Keith Haring Foundation in 1989 with the objective of providing funding and imagery to AIDS organisations and children’s programs.
In 1988, Haring was diagnosed with AIDS. He spent the last couple of years of his life is spreading awareness about this disease. Haring passed away at a young age of 31, due to an AIDS related complication.
Pop diva Madonna paid homage to Keith Haring by declaring the first day of her Blond Ambition World Tour, held at New York as a benefit concert. All proceeds of the day were donated to various AIDS-related charities.
The Google doodle today comprises of funky looking “radiant babies” in primary colours, which aptly epitomizes Haring’s work.

Blowfish12@2012 Author: Sudharsun. P. R. Immediate link: Google (only for today 4-5-12)

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