The Lazer Bird

Angry Birds Space

Rovio the creator of one of the most popular mobile games for iOS and Android, the Angry Birds have just announced the upcoming release of the game’s latest installation featuring the gravity defying Angry Birds Space. Finally, here’s a new flavor for the sling-shooting game to bring new excitement to most of the casual iOS and Android gamers who have already give up swiping the sling again and again. There are new characters that will going to be introduced on Angry Birds Space, and one of them is waiting after the cut, check out his super power!

lazer bird

The Lazer Bird, introduced by Samsung, perfectly reflects the personality of Samsung’s GALAXY Note. The bird’s lazer vision resembles the best viewing experience on the crisp and expansive screen and its lazer strike super power the high performance.

New characters, including the Lazer Bird in Angry Birds Space have unique superhero powers to help in their fight against the space pigs and bring their eggs safely back home.

Blowfish12@2012 Author: Sudharsun. P. R. Reference: Youtube

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