Fact for the day: 28-06-2012

The chairman of IBM Thomas Watson infamously predicted that there was a total world market of only 5 computers!!!!!!!!
All the three letter word combinations from aaa.com to zzz.com are already registered as domain names.
The microprocessor was invented in 1971. The creation was considered a computer on a chip.
Jim Knopf is known as the ‘father of shareware‘. The first shareware program was PC-FILE, in 1982 which Knopf published under the pseudonym Jim Button.
The first digital camera was designed by a Kodak engineer by the name of Steven Sasson. It weight 3.6 kg and was the size of a toaster.
In 1995, Iomega Corp went from $3.5 a share to $48.63 for a gain of 1396%. This made it the company to have the greatest percentage gain of all NASFAQ high-tech stocks ever.

Blowfish12@2012 blowfish12.tk Author: Sudharsun. P. R.


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