Angry Birds sequel could let you play for the pigs

Rovio may be cooking up a new version of Angry Birds that would pit you and the pigs against the birds.


Will Angry Birds fans soon be able to switch sides and play for the pigs?

Game maker Rovio will reportedly twist its popular game later this year with a new version that would let you fire pigs at the birds, according to gadget-enthusiast site Pocket-Lint.

Pocket-Lint speculated that the goal of the game would be to protect the eggs you’ve taken from the birds by shooting the pigs at them. Like the birds, the pigs would be equipped with different strength levels and skills. If the report is true, the game should launch in time for the holiday-shopping season.

Few details were available, though the game would still feature the same catapults and well-known stone structures.

Because Angry Birds is the company’s bread and butter, Rovio does need to keep the franchise fresh by offering new twists on the original format.

The most recent variation on the game was Angry Birds Space, which blasted the birds and their piggly adversaries into orbit. Rovio is also now offering Angry Birds Seasons for free to iOS users until Thursday.

Blowfish12@2012 Author: Sudharsun. P. R.


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