Fact for the day; 24-07-2012

CD-ROM XA (Compact Disk-read-only memory, extended architecture) is a modification of CD-ROM that defines two new types of sectors that enable it to read and display data, graphics, video and audio at the same time.

The first optical data storage disk, developed by Philips, had 60 times the capacity of a 5.25 inch floppy disk.

Though the highest possible encryption in Windows 2000 was 128 bit, Microsoft only sent the 40-bit version to India, because India was under US sanctions after Pokhran.

WinPad was Microsoft’s failed handheld PC operating system, which it developed and killed before coming up with Windows CE, Microsoft scrapped the WinPad project reportedly because they couldn’t figure out how to squeeze a variant of Windows into an affordable handheld size.

Blowfish12@2012 blowfish12.tk Author: Sudharsun. P. R.

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