[Updates]Electronic Devices banned on certain flights

Lithium-ion battery device are banned on certain flights starting this Monday after Boeing 787 fires”

UPDATED 1/20/2013: It appears  that  the ban only affects cargo. This story has been updated to reflect new information.

Just a few days ago, flights across the globe were canceled as concerns mounted over the January 7 Boeing 787 lithium-ion battery fire at Boston’s Logan International Airport. But starting Monday next week, you might not even be able to take your laptop, phone, or tablet onto some airlines’ flights, according to one expert.

“I received an IATA notification yesterday saying that Cathay Pacific is stopping all shipments of lithium-ion and lithium batteries on cargo aircraft,” battery quality assurance expert Kevin Elsdon told me tonight. “And then another one saying that British Airways was banning the shipment and carrying of lithium and lithium-ion batteries, period.”

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