Tug of War between Facebook and Vine [Twitter]

Vine users who attempted to find Facebook friends on Friday received an error message stating that Twitter‘s new mobile app is not authorized to make the request. This is the latest apparent rift between the two social media rivals.

Earlier this week, Twitter launched Vine, a free iOS app that allows iPhone and iPad users to create and post very short videos. Twitter hinted that an Android version could be in the works.

Twitter, which is primarily known for its 140-characters tweets, has supported embedded YouTube videos since 2008, but its launch of Vine marks the first time it will host video content directly. As with tweets, the videos will need to be short — a mere 6 seconds.

“Six seconds is too short for anything truly substantive,” said Greg Sterling, principal analyst at Sterling Market Research, “but there’s more information that can be conveyed by video, even in that short time frame, vs. a still photograph.”

Blowfish12@2013 blowfish12.tk Author: Sudharsun. P. R.


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