Program in Arabic

We all think that programming languages are not easily understandable, but if we take a closer look we find that it has lot in common with English.

For Example here is a piece of java code


“Even if you don’t understand it fully, you’ll certainly recognise most of them.”

A research has found that learning programming languages is difficult for non-English speakers, and feel that it might have been easier if it had been in their mother tongue. Ramsey Nasser, a software engineer and designer at the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center in New York, has also felt so.

Nasser has created قلب (pronounced “alb,” meaning “heart”), a programming language based on Arabic script, which he hopes will attract new programmers from the Arab world. The base of alb is based on an existing programming language called Scheme.

Alb is not the first Arabic language – that was Arablan in 1995 – and similar projects have been set up in China.

Blowfish12@2013 blowfish13.k Author: Sudharsun. P. R.


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