Fact for the day: 2-05-2012

Did you know that:
– An user has an average of 25 online accounts
– An average user has 6-7 different passwords
– 66% of the US users have only one or two passwords
– An average user logs in 8 times a day
– The average password length is 8 characters
– The most commonly used password is password1
– 54.9% of the users use personally meaningful words
– 28.6% of the users use the Remember my password function
– 15% of the users write down their password
– The average time users maintain the same password is 31 months



HowSecureIsMyPassword to Know your Password Strength


HowSecureIsMyPassword is an online program that lets you test strength of your password. You can use this site to know how safe (or not) is your password that you use. You just need to enter the password and it will let you know whether it is safe or not. Here you can submit as many passwords as you want to be analyzed and you can instantly find the result.


how secure is my password

HowSecureIsMyPassword has a simple interface with just a text box. Simply type your password in it to know your password strength. Well it’s a useful online tool that lets you know about the importance of using secure passwords. I personally tried some passwords and found that how passwords become difficult to crack if you use special characters in them.

HowSecureIsMyPassword basically invariably crack password open one after the other. But one thing you need to worry about is, if the passwords could be cracked in something like 15 seconds. I would suggest you to use this site, as it may open your eyes. You should remember to use alphabets, numbers, and special characters in your password.