How to surf Websites using Proxy on Firefox


Using proxy while surfing websites keep your identity unrevealed and secure. You really feel secure since you don’t use any of your personal informations such as IP address, browser or OS details rather depending on the proxy site to do that for you. The other benefit is that you can access blocked websites on your computer too. No matter if your network admin or ISP has blocked those sites to be accessed by you. Here I’m going to tell how to configure Firefox to use proxywhile surfing websites.

How to Surf Websites using proxy on Firefox

1. In order to use proxy, you need to have proxy server’s IP address. (You can use Google to find “proxy server IP” addresses)

2. After getting the IP address, it’s time to configure Firefox to access websites using proxy rather than your actual IP. Navigate to Tools >> Options >> Advanced >> Network >> Settings

Use proxy to access websites on Firefox

3.Select Manual Proxy Configuration radio button to start the setting process.

proxy setup firefox

4. Enter IP address of your proxy server in the HTTP proxy field and it’s port number next to it.

5. Save the changes and restart Firefox.

6. You are done.

Now you should have been able to set your Firefox browser to access websites using proxy server. If you want to use your normal ISP and reset proxy settings, simply follow the above steps and select No proxy option in step 4.