Yet another movie like ‘The social network’

Fox released the trailer for its comedy The Internship Movie following two “salesmen whose careers have been topped by the digital world. Played by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, the two set off to Silicon Valley to prove that they are still relevant by landing internships at Google.

It goes to show how mainstream Silicon Valley is becoming. It started with The Social Network, which took brought Mark Zuckerberg’s creation of Facebook straight into the heart of Hollywood. Now, we’ve got a focus on Google and its famed working culture of slides, great food, nap rooms, and more.

The trailer shows scenes from Google’s “campus,” including a clear dry-erase wall (that Vaughn writes on with Sharpie), a self-driving car, a Rubik’s cube competition, and a bunch of smart twentysomethings who have it out for the two “old guys.”

It’s a tale of old-timey institutions being overrun by the newer, younger, digital revolution. At one point, those crazy Google youngsters send Vaughn and Wilson off on an adventure to find “Charles Xavier,” a Stanford professor who is balding and in a wheelchair. It doesn’t end well for the pair.

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Fact for the day: 20-06-2012

Total number of Instant Messaging users by 2010 is 2.4 billion !

That includes all the instant messaging tools usage, like Google Talk, Yahoo messenger, Skype etc.

Total number of Twitter users by 2010 = 175 million !

Which means 175 million people are involved in random talk and tweeting in 140 characters. Now, who’s denying ?

250 million New people registered on Facebook in 2010

Imagine, if every year, 250 million people added up ?

70% of Facebook’s userbase is outside the U.S

Facebook has become truly a global phenomenon now. Isn’t it ?

By 2010, there are more than 5 Billion mobile connections in the world !

Mobile applications, anyone ?

The average number of videos an Internet user in U.S watches on the internet = 186

This is pretty much close to the rest of the world, but what’s more interesting is that the source is Facebook and YouTube.

The average number of photos uploaded on facebook per year = 36 billion.

That’s very less compared to Flickr, but its interesting to see Facebook eating up to other specialized social media channels like YouTube and Flickr with its content.

Number of new users on Twitter in 2010 = 100 Million

Clearly, after Facebook, Twitter is the most fast growing website on the internet today.

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Social Networking Set To Overtake Gaming On iOS And Android


Games have historically taken larger usage on mobile. The app revolution has changed the way software is distributed and used among consumers.  With a perfect storm of digital distribution, free content and powerful touch screen devices, the success of mobile apps has disrupted industries from telecommunications and games to music and news.

To date, no category of apps has been more successful than Games, directly disrupting the traditional gaming industry.

But, now a sign that something fundamental is changing on the iOS and Android platforms, mobile analytics provider Flurry has found that consumers are spending as much time in social networking apps as they are in mobile games.

The last time that Flurry took a look back in January, it found that half of app sessions were spent in games while 30 percent was spent in social networking apps.

“We take the rise in Social Networking apps as a signal of maturation for the platform,” wrote Flurry’s vice president of marketing Peter Farago. “As game demand may be hitting its saturation point, consumers are also discovering other apps, namely Social Networking.”

You can actually visually see the changes on the charts compared to a year ago. Today apps like Viddy, Socialcam and Instagram are in the Top 5 free in the U.S. on iOS. These are all apps for sharing content like videos and friends. A year ago, these would have probably been mostly games.

There are probably several forces at work in addition to the ones that Flurry describes. 1) The platforms are mature and other app categories are starting to develop. 2) Apple has cracked down on more unscrupulous forms of user acquisition, which benefited developers who had the cash to spend on marketing. Pre-revenue apps like Instagram can’t really justify spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in marketing dollars. 3) Twitter and Facebook are starting to emerge as effective ways of distributing mobile apps. If you search Twitter for “Viddy” or OMGPOP’s “#drawsomething,” you’ll see that there are several tweets per minute about both apps.

Flurry also found that the time spent is affecting the revenue that apps in both categories earn. For the first time, advertising revenue for social networking apps in Flurry’s ad network AppCircle, surpassed that of ad revenue for games. The thing you have to consider, though, is that gaming apps are more dependent on in-app purchases of virtual currency. If you look on iOS’ top grossing charts, it’s still virtually all games in the Top 25.

The rise of Social Networking apps also signals the end of the era of gaming dominance within mobile apps.  While the free-to-play business model performs extremely well, enabled by in-app-purchases, it does so primarily for simulation games, a sub-genre of the total games category.  As long as the total iOS and Android installed base grows, all categories will continue to grow naturally.

Blowfish12@2012 Author: Sudharsun. P. R. Reference: [Flurry]