Top Techies and their names

Do you wish to know how top technology game players got their names. Here are few interesting ones.


“According to Steve Jobs , He named Apple so because, he was coming out of an apple farm and thought that the name was “fun, spirited and not intimidating”.


HotMail founder Jack Smith wanted to access email via internet and wanted to name it ‘ending with mail’.

“Jack smith got the idea naming his firm as HotMail, from HTML as the name included all the letters of the word”.


After their name idea ‘Twitch’ got rejected, co-founder Jack Dorsey says “they skimmed across the dictionary and came across the word twitter and it was just perfect.The definition was ‘a short burst of inconsequential”.


From “Accent on the future”. The name Accenture was proposed by a company employee in Norway as part of an internal name finding process”

Its former name was Andersen Consulting.


Google got its name so, its because co-founders misspelled the word Googol.


Acer translated its tag line into Latin meaning “Sharp, Acute, Able and Facile”.


The concept of Skype is Sky-Peer-to-Peer which was morphed to Skyper, later to Skype

Founder Jeff Bezos renamed the company Amazon (from the earlier name of after the world’s most voluminous river, the Amazon.


Abbreviation of ‘Information Systems’.


Abbreviation of ‘San Francisco’.


Named by Morphing the tag line “Son of Electronic Printer”.


Named from the words ‘pack’, ‘Compatibility And Quality’

HTC Corporation

A abbreviation of its original corporate name, High Tech Computer Corporation.


Larry Ellison, Ed Oates and Bob Miner were working on a project named Oracle.


Nero – Nero Burning ROM named after Nero burning Rome (“Rom” is the German spelling of “Rome”)

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Iran nuclear facilities ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC malware


In 2010, Iran‘s nuclear facilities were infiltrated by Stuxnet, the centrifuge-wrecking malware allegedly cooked up by the US government. Now they seem to have been hit again by a bizarre attack forcing nuclear plant workstations to pump the song Thunderstruckby heavy metal band AC/DC through the speakers at full volume.

News of the attack comes from Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at Finnish computer security firm F-Secure, who says he recently received a series emailsfrom a scientist working at the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI):

“I am writing you to inform you that our nuclear program has once again been compromised and attacked by a new worm with exploits which have shut down our automation network at Natanz and another facility Fordo near Qom.”

The Iranian scientist goes on to say that they believe the attackers used Metasploit, a common hacking tool which provides a variety of ways to penetrate supposedly secure networks. “There was also some music playing randomly on several of the workstations during the middle of the night with the volume maxed out,” says the scientist. “I believe it was playing ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC.”

While the US military has used heavy metal music as a weapon in the past it seems unlikely that a Stuxnet-like stealth attack would announce its presence with a few blasting power chords, suggesting the hit is more likely the work of a thrill-seeking hacker. Hypponen says he has been unable to verify any details of the attack, but has confirmed that the emails were sent and received from within the AEOI.

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