Graffiti battery lets you spray paint power supply


Run out of batteries? Just spray-paint some new ones. Researchers have created five spray able paints that form a lithium-ion battery when layered together, letting you store energy on walls, tiles or even your favorite mug.

Regular batteries contain a positive and negative electrode, both paired with a metal current collector, and a polymer separator sandwiched in the middle. These five layers are normally manufactured in sheets and rolled up into a cylinder, making it hard to create extremely thin batteries.

Now, Neelam Singh and colleagues at Rice University in Houston have used a combination of existing metallic paints and custom materials to create spray able versions of each layer, allowing them to make batteries just a fraction of a millimeter thick by airbrushing the layers onto a surface, one at a time.

The team applied their batteries to a variety of ordinary building materials and even a ceramic drinks mug to test their potential. Nine bathroom tile batteries charged by a solar cell were able to power 40 LEDs arranged to spell out “RICE” for six hours. They don’t yet match regular batteries – a paintable battery would have to be about 1.5 square feet to match a standard mobile phone battery – but that is set to improve. “Their capacity, efficiency and performance could be vastly improved if made on an industrial scale,” explains Singh.

Pairing the batteries with recently developed paintable solar cells could potentially give your walls an electrifying DIY makeover, but Singh says the paints are not quite ready for home use, as paints must be applied in a moisture- and oxygen-free environment onto surfaces heated to 120 °C.

“The focus of our ongoing research is to develop new battery materials which would not be degraded by air or moisture, non-toxic and safe to handle and use at home by non-experts, and environmentally friendly during use and disposal,” says Singh. Only then will you be able to pick up a few spray cans and build your own batteries.

“I don’t think people will be doing this at home, but maybe secondary manufacturers would be painting on batteries,” says John Owen, a chemist who researches batteries at the University of Southampton, UK. For example, there are already companies that will gold-plate your iPhone – perhaps they could also add an extra battery coating.

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A Battery Breakthrough That Could Bring Electric Cars To The Masses

Car technology

A startup called Envia Systems, working on battery technology says it’s developed a key breakthrough technology that could one day lead to an electric car that has a 300-mile range and could cost around $25,000 to $30,000. Envia Systems announced test results that verify the company’s next-generation rechargeable battery has achieved the highest recorded energy density of 400 Watt-hours/kilogram (Wh/kg) for a rechargeable lithium-ion cell.

When commercialized,this 400 Wh/kg battery is expected to slash the price of a 300­mile range electric vehicle by cutting the cost of the battery pack by more than 50 percent.

Energy density is how much energy a battery can store and provide for the car with a given battery size — the more energy dense the battery, the less volume and weight is needed. For electric cars it is particularly important to have a high energy dense battery because electric cars need to be as light weight as possible (any extra weight just drains the battery faster), and batteries that are smaller and use less materials can also be lower in cost.

“Since the inception of Envia, our product team has worked tirelessly and logged over 25 million test channel hours to optimally develop each of the active components of the battery: Envia’s proprietary SiC anode, HCMR cathode and EHV electrolyte,” said Dr.Sujeet Kumar, Envia Systems co-founder, president & CTO. “Rather than just a proof-of-concept of energy density, I am pleased that our team was successful in actually delivering 00 Wh/kg automotive grade 45 Ah lithium-ion rechargeable cells.”

A battery breakthrough that could bring electric cars to the masses

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Improve your Android Battery Life


No doubt, you are reading this article because you are facing Battery life problem with your android phone. Larry Page, the co-founder of Google has said about Android phone battery life problem issue that ” if you are not getting a day [of Android battery], there is something wrong”. So here are some steps that will definitely help you out from this problem.

android battery

Before you go through the guides and implement the suggestions below, you should check out this, that what is actually eating your battery life from the battery usage screen above. Well, you can check this in your phone by navigating to  Settings –> About Phone –> Battery.

Now follow the steps to improve your Battery life

1. Adjusting backlight

Android Battery problem solution

2. Disable Wi-Fi when you’re not using it

Android Battery problem solution

3. Disable Bluetooth when you’re not using it

Android Battery problem solution

4. Toggle GPS, Wireless, Screen Brightness, and Bluetooth with Power Widget

Android Battery problem solution

5. Disable consistently updating/syncing apps etc

Android Battery problem solution

Android Battery problem solution

Android Battery problem solution

6. Disabling GPS location features

Android Battery problem solution

7. View running apps and processes with Task Manager

Android Battery problem solution

8. Removing and disabling applications

Android Battery problem solution

9. Disabling home screen widgets and animated wallpaper

Android Battery problem solution

10. Kill your data connection with APNDroid

Android Battery problem solution

you can swing byHow-to Geekfor full instructions for each battery saving suggestion.

you can check this -> site for full instructions for each battery saving suggestion.

5 Tricks to Extend Battery Life in Android

It has been estimated that 60% of the world population uses Smartphones and this shows that popularity and Android is fabulous as it has been proved already. The Smartphone means multimedia phone which uses a lot functions, it is wealthy in features that leads to battery loss within few hours. Here are few tricks to extend your battery life. If we are missing any trick or you find any other then let us know.

android battery

Lot of battery consumption in Android has been seen and follow the tricks below:

Display Adjustment

Android touchscreen phones have large screen usually with 16M and more color which consume battery power. To solve this problem you can’t just rely on low brightness screen but also have to keep on the automatic brightness adjustment too as they adjust light according to natural light which can be ON in Settings->Screens (in tab)/Display (in high end smartphones)->Auto adjust screen power or Brightness  in smartphones. If a person is very careless and don’t have the habit to turn off the power button once then they need to modify their device to default display time off reduced to 15 seconds to 30.

Wireless Data Off

Now the phones are built in with 3G/4G which consumes a lot power. Quick settings can solve this problem. For example WiFi connection if activated, it just search the connection if you don’t have the WiFi in your place it will continuously consume your unnecessary battery power. So this power hungry wireless connection is needed to shut down. Related to this is GPS which uses maximum power and if it’s low in frequency and uses normal conditions and need to turn off if it is sitting ideal. Don’t forget to turn off the Bluetooth too if not been used.

Shoot Useless Functions

There are many functions in Android phones which give dazzling effect to your eyes and salivate to keep them in home screen. Actually they are the actual battery hunters e.g. – live wallpapers, animated icons or other similar features that uses aesthetics, beauty that take battery life. So keep your home screen simple and elegant look will suet your personality.

No heat exposure

Phones can’t stand long in high temperature as they get heat up soon and consume battery, hence don’t carry your phone in the sun exposure and keep them in pocket or cool place, let the battery  get proper ventilation.

Use of branded battery

If your phone giving trouble after following above cautions then you must opt for branded battery provided by the phone’s company battery. If your phone is Samsung then use Samsung battery or LG then LG battery and so on. Never compromise with the quality because they will become your friend and help you in long run. Charge your battery for recommended time as some prefer to charge for 3 hours.