Resize or Convert Partition From FAT To NTFS System Without Formatting


Commonly we think that once we have formatted our PC either with FAT or NTFS file system, we have to continue with the same file system until and unless we perform a complete system format. However, we can still convert the partition format from FAT to NTFS, resize and move partitions, copy selected partitions, delete partitions, format selected partitions, explore partitions without formatting our system. All we need is a partition manager like Partition Wizard.

Partition Wizard is a free to use system partition manager that takes care of your partitions completely. You will be able to perform several partition tasks like copy, cut, remove, delete etc easily without navigating to the system set up menu.

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This freeware tool can match most paid commercial versions. You will be able to resize partitions,copy all partitions, create new partitions, delete old partitions, format partition,convert partition from FAT to NTFS, hide and unhide partitions, change drive letter, set active partition and partition recovery. You can expand system partitions to get more out of your available disk space, manage system partitions easily and this tool supports partition size larger than 2TB (2048 GB).

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Convert FAT32 to NTFS without Losing Data


FAT32 and NTFS are two types of partitions that you can choose from during Windows installation. NTFS partition is known to be more secure and stable than FAT32 and hence more people prefer NTFS over FAT32. But in case you want to change the partition format from FAT32 to NTFS on your system without system format or losing any existing data, you can follow the below tutorial.


Convert FAT32 to NTFS Partition without Losing Data
  • Run Command Prompt
  • Type the following in the command prompt

    convert C: /fs:ntfs (Here C: is the drive)

  • Type the Volume name you want to convert (Volume name can be seen from My Computer)
  • You are done.

Now command prompt will change the file system of the specified drive from FAT32 to NTFS without losing data. You can use this process for local Hard Disk Drivers, External HDD as well as for USB Flash Drives.